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10th Doctor

I did a search for David Tennant after watching this video

Which made some bits go wibblywobbly since the first scene with him is an extremely emotional one from the series that made me cry like a little baby.

This picture came up. The question popped up: “Would I do him?” Yes.


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I LOVE Doctor Who.  The Ninth Doctor is MY doctor, for quite a variety of reasons. It took me ages to forgive David Tennant, though I do love him as well now. The new guy seems pretty awesome as well. But the Ninth Doctor is still my doctor. This musing came about as I searched the hospital for my doctor, the doctor who was working with me on a particular case- I was looking for a double check on the prescription I wanted to order and signature for one of my patients and came to the room where my doctor, my clinician, was supposed to be. She wasn’t. Someone else was. “You’re not my doctor!” I exclaimed. Raised brows and a quick and giggling exit later and I was off in a mental journey in the TARDIS.

Nothing like a DW marathon day to make life a little happier and the imagination a little more active. If I had been born earlier, the Fourth Doctor would have been mine. As it is, I’ve seen all the old episodes I could scrounge up and love him dearly as well. I think it’s the wonder, the wonder at all the universe. In so many words, fantastic! The Tardis wikia describes the Tenth Doctor, “a bit of…a cross between his Fourth and Ninth incarnations.” Perhaps that’s why I can forgive him for surplanting my Doctor.

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Obligatory topical post here: Halloween. When people may or may not be what they seem.

Smarties candy is pretty much my Halloween candy. I even have a comic that I was going to link to, but apparently finding a Halloween 2003 FoxTrot comic is going to take me far longer than anticipated, so I won’t, but it was going to show Jason gluing them to his trousers so he can be a ‘smarty pants.’ So just imagine that for a few moments now. Okay, imagined?

Smarties are pretty much sugar without even really pretending to be anything else. This blog pretty much sums them up: compressed powdered sugar pellets with the bare minimum of food coloring and citric acid for ‘flavor’. Straight sugar to the bloodstream. As a kid though, I always pretended they were medicine. I mean, honestly, they do look like pills. Tasty, delicious, eat them by the bag pills. It’s a wonder I’m not a pill addict the way I hoovered them down. I’d even come up with make-believe scenarios that required regular ‘doses’ of smarties to fix- sometimes they doubled as vitamins in my childhood scenarios (especially the green tablets). If there were any active ingredients in them, I would have overdosed. As it was, I’m pretty sure my parents were too preoccupied with my sugar-fueled buzzing and hopping and singing and bouncing around the house to worry about exactly what the script I was composing and acting out in my head was. I even once tried to swallow them whole, like you do real pills. I suppose I should say ‘did’ rather than ‘try’ since there was approximately zero chance of failure, but I decided eating them really was much tastier and reverted to that.

Smarties may have contributed to my minor obsessive compulsive characteristics from an early age as well. There is not an even color distribution per roll. This has always concerned me. It concerns me with M&Ms and Skittles too, but I don’t remember sorting those candies like I did the smartie-pills as a kid. I would sort them and line them up in rows on their little plastic wrapper like a drug dealer or pharmacist counting doses and calculating prices in my head. If a roll had, say, only one white pill, then that one was obviously more potent. It was reserved for when there was great need … or when all the rest had been eaten and that one rare tablet was my last best hope at a cure for the mysterious disease that ailed me.

I still eat copious amounts of smarties post Halloween. But I cheat and buy them by the bag. Unfortunately or not, this means that I no longer have to ‘ration’ my ‘medicine’ because I (as a fully adult and supposedly mature human being) can just go to the store an get more if I really want to. I don’t though. Just go and buy more I mean. There’s something special about the post-holiday sugar hoard, even if it is from the 50% off sale November 1st rather than trick or treating. I have to try to make it last as long as I can. I wouldn’t want to run out.

I still giggle to myself as I carefully count out and take my holiday ‘medication.’

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I honestly wish more days were costume days. I think costumes are brilliant. They’re fun, they’re silly, kids get to be kids, and adults get to be kids too. They’re a great display of creativity and artistry in some people’s hands and wonderful tradition in others. Too bad you only get to dress up and pretend (for fun) once a year, unless you’re employed on a stage somewhere of course.

My favorite traditional costumes include vampires and pirates. Because honestly, before this whole Twilight thing, both were absolutely straightforward, but oh-so-flexible. You can have adorable little kid vampires and pirates begging for candy with blacked out teeth and peg legs on your doorstep and you just have to grin. Like a fool. Because it is freaking adorable, especially with the plastic fangs and stuffed animal parrots. Then, after the candy is passed out, you go to the adults’ party and there’s a whole different spin on the idea. You get tramp vamps, wenches, and half naked men! That’s something for everyone, right?

Then there are always the group things. Sadly, I’ve never been a member of one of these, but saw some of the best ones in undergrad. The rendition of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles complete with Splinter, weapons and unwieldy shells showing up for the annual live performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show will always remain a  favorite. Salt and Pepper, Red Bull and Vodka, and other famous pairings get a mental high-five from me as well. I once saw a full five piece place setting walk into a party. No idea who came up with it, but it was brilliant and would have won any contest there.

Now, just wearing your normal skanky clothes and a pair of fuzzy ears? No thanks, please save that for you significant other at home. I have no problem with revealing IF some effort is put into it to make it look artsy and costume-y. That is to say: it’s fine if there’s a point other than “Hey look, I’m half naked.” I expect I’ll see a few Na’vi this year, and that’s great (gorgeous film) and can be totally sexy/barely clothed in public while still being decent at the same time if care is taken to do the paint properly and make it as awesome as it should be. I mean, if it’s not gonna be good, why even bother?

I say this not as a costume snob. I’ve done the skeleton, the cat (more than once), vampire, etc. I am not the one to go to for original, kick ass costume ideas. I get by, and I have a basic skill set, that’s all. But everyone, please just do something. Make some sort of an effort if you’re going bother at all. I love seeing costumes and I’m not hard to please. I just want to marvel at the variety of both new ideas and variations on old ideas that Halloween is about. Better just to put on a silly sweater with pumpkin on it than make a truly half-assed attempt at a costume.

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This comic makes me want to do a google search for “Dolphin Rape” but I don’t think the results would really be what I am looking for…

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