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Hello internets!

I am here to fill the complete lack of a void with even more noise, most of it static, and most of it likely the domain of all those silly social studies and psychology majors. I am a science person myself. ‘Real’ science I mean, the kind with studies and results and hypotheses. I suppose mine does get a bit squishy too though, at least on the application end, but that may be unavoidable since medical practitioners tend to be both stubborn and independent. Still, there is at least a community-wide recognition that what is called ‘evidence-based medicine’ is an ideal to be worked towards. So, obviously, in my free time (hah!) I ought to be speculating on the most squishy things of all: people and behavior.

Other things may well filter in from time to time, as my inner geek demands. Things like my uncontrollable love of Firefly and Alton Brown just can’t remain suppressed forever (or for more than one post, apparently). I use too much parenthetical thought as well, so if that irks you, it may be best to click away now.

If you choose to stay, welcome!


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This is a spacer for the ‘hello world’ auto post. Actual intro to come soon, after some sleep. So, Goodnight world!

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