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I am not sure when or how it happened, but I have become a person who has to remind myself to eat now. I am sitting here, hungry, even a little woozy from being very busy and active all day and eating only what was at hand and easy (cinnamon roll, bolongna sandwich, apple and granola bar) all day, but the idea of getting up and making food worth eating seems like too much work.

I know I should eat. I know I am hungry. I know I would feel better if I ate.

But making food is work, and I just don’t feel like getting up and doing it when the food I would make is not tasty enough to be worth the effort. Any food that would be tasty sounds like even more effort that I’m just not up to.


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Trading up

I would trade my ovaries for something. Maybe trade one to have all my student loans paid off, and the other for a nice down payment on a house or ranch. Or if I had a friend that couldn’t have kids but wanted then who needed an ovary, I’d give her one of mine in exchange for getting to be the kid’s cool aunt or something.

I know someone who gets ovarian cysts. They’re apparently excruciatingly painful. This person wants kids. My ovaries, that I have no intention of ever using for kids, give me no trouble. What’s up with that? Just a big joke by fate?

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