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– Most of my new friends have now left, which is horrible
– My pink silk shirt was eaten by the washer after 8 years of use
– One of my pets died (not unexpectedly, but still…)
– Boy hasn’t texted or called me in >24hrs (yes, I know that’s absurd to be a blue, but when it’s a blue mood, everything seems blue)

– Found a new diner that is tasty

Um…. I know there are many more golds, but my blue tinted glasses are interfering and it’s hard to care enough to find them.

G- Got my first oil change done on my vehicle turns into B- Vehicle is all dirty and needs a wash and wax I don’t have time for and it somehow acquired a new scratch.
G- starting training that actually has to do with my career turns into B- that lasts another 5 weeks during which I don’t get to do other things I want to.
G- spoke with family on phone B- don’t actually get to see family forever.

Yeah, Hooah. All that Jazz. Did get voted “most likely to drop the F-bomb during an OPORD.” This amuses me… a little atm. More so when I am in a good mood.


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– Camp is hot. Hot. And no running water for 500+ people
– Still miss the pets and family
– No time to work out and get into shapre

– Fuck yeah, it’s like I’m in the Army or something
– Hella good drunk tacos last night
– Hitting on boys

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