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Generally speaking being extroverted is touted as a positive thing in society. Extroverts are comfortable public speakers, network easily and can close a business deal, at least according to the stereotypes. Introverts are quiet, and maybe smart?

I’m really not too sure about all of this, and this is coming from an extrovert- I much prefer to go out with friends after a hellish day than sit at home and stew. After a day of surgery where nothing went exactly as planned and one thing went completely sideways, it was a quick run to the gym and then out with friends in person and on the phone to tell them about the crazy, get some sympathy, and get rid of the complete and utter frustration and doubts about my skills. Had I gone home alone it probably would have ended with a bottle, which is not really a good option when you have to be back bright and early for some ICU patient care.

That doesn’t mean that I am not shy or that I am the first person to say hi when someone walks into the room. I’ll do my public speaking, sure, but I’m not jumping up and down shouting, “Me! Me! Oh please, pick me!” I am not the whirlwind who comes in, crashes the party and gives everyone else some stories to tell. In my element, among friends, I certainly like being center stage and cracking folks up, because that’s fun, but it doesn’t equate to “good” or “better” than folks who don’t.

Introverts are not stupid. They are not necessarily shy any more than extroverts are necessarily bold. They just need time to think and recharge by being away from others rather than in the thick of them. Some of the best public speakers are introverts, more often than not because they actually take the time to [i]think[/i] about what they’re going to say before saying it rather than blurting out what comes to mind or narrating the reasoning process. The speaker who has one powerful phrase uttered after a moment of contemplation is most likely and introvert. The speaker who was a crackup ┬ámay have been an extrovert. Which message sticks with you longer?

It just gets me down that introverts can be given such a rough time in our world. Some of my best friends, the ones I rely heavily upon to reconnect me with reality are the ones who stop and think and are a little more reserved. I’m flying all over the place all by myself, I don’t need help with that, I need the help of those who can grab me and bring me back, sit me down, and shut me up with a well planned observation. I am fortunate to have a few of these wonders in life and I feel they are unjustly denigrated, or at least not appreciated nearly enough for their worth to society and to me.


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10th Doctor

I did a search for David Tennant after watching this video

Which made some bits go wibblywobbly since the first scene with him is an extremely emotional one from the series that made me cry like a little baby.

This picture came up. The question popped up: “Would I do him?” Yes.

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Horseback 1

I think my riding instructor is trying to give me a swollen head. Too many compliments, which I don’t know how to take well to begin with, and I get a bit suspicious. He’s the expert though, and I love gold stars, so no complaints here. Sitting the trot is going well, very well even according to a random observer a couple of weeks ago, and even better today. I do like hearing that I pick up faster than some people do. Posting is still a work in progress, mostly because I do not have the muscle strength to do it like I WANT to be doing it. Only off on the wrong diagonal once, and I knew it and was in the process of confirming and correcting it even before I was prodded to do so.

No wibblywobblyspooky bits today, which is fine by me. I also remembered to look where I was going, which sounds obvious, but is in fact harder to do than you’d think when you’re also trying to remember to tell 42 different body parts to do certain things in certain ways that they’re unfamiliar with and don’t really know how to do. Got the gas pedal working a bit better as well, which is a bit of a relief since I know it’s (in part) a confidence thing in that yes, I’m asking properly, but just need a little more emphasis rather than that I am not asking in an understandable way.

How does Dressage competition stuff work? What is “A” level? Apparently I could get there? I think that’s good, it was said in a ‘good thing’ tone anyhow. Hmmm.

The only bad thing is that I’m out of ibuprofen.

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